March 2, 2007

More Ways to Keep Yourself Motivated

It can be a struggle to motivate yourself to achieve your goals therefore when the going gets the very toughest, enlist the help of a friend, family member or work colleague. For example when it comes time to study for a test, gather together one or more friends and do your studying as a group. Not only will this make studying less tedious and more enjoyable but also one of your friends might bring some fresh ideas or insights to the study material that you had not even thought of before.

This is a form of motivation that is all about "sharing the misery" and it often works. Another example is when a person wants to lose weight and they find another person to walk or jog with them or to work out with them in the gym.

This is the buddy system and it an excellent motivator.

Sometimes there is no getting around the negative or most difficult parts of a task and you simply need to just dive right in and do it.

Avoidance does not always work so accept that there are unpleasant aspects of all long-term goals that must be dealt with, and then roll up your sleeves and get to it.

Once you have gotten the aspects of a goal that you do not like over with, you can concentrate on the aspects of the goal that you do like and are looking forward to doing.

Feeling competent about a task at hand is important and sometimes it is hard to find motivation within yourself if you feel that you do not know enough about the goal or are not skilled enough to move forward with it.

This is where training, education and plenty of research comes into play.

Motivate yourself as much as you can by making sure you have all the necessary information at your disposal as well as developing confidence in the skills you have.

Thinking outside the box can help you discover a more innovative, creative and industrious way to work towards attaining a goal.

Just because every success story reads one way does not mean that yours has to mirror others. Pave your own path, find your own way and do not give into naysayers who say it cannot be done.

Refuse to give into a defeatist way of thinking. On the other hand, you cannot proceed with your head in the clouds completely.

If you discover that the tried and true way of achieving a goal is the best way or indeed the only way then accept that, do not let it get you down and then move forward.

Even when you break a long-term goal down into smaller more, easily attainable short-term goals always keep what you are working towards in your mind.

Be aware that eventual success is one of the greatest motivators above everything else.

Believing in what you are doing and finding the strength and courage to press forward are in and of themselves excellent ways to motivate yourself to greater heights.

Two more important points to keep in mind when it comes to motivating yourself.

Firstly, the only obstacle in your path is you so make sure your mindset motivates you to work towards your goal and secondly, never let "who you are, stunt what you want to be." Believe in yourself and find the motivation from within, especially if you have no motivation from those around you

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February 26, 2007

Limitations live only in our minds.

"Limitations live only in our minds.  But if we use our imaginations, our possibilities become limitless."
Jamie Paolinetti

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February 24, 2007

Free Anthony Robbins Book Offer

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February 23, 2007

Matt Morris Interview CEO of Success University

So why all the fuss about Success University? and why you should listen to this interview by President – CEO Matt Morris. 

If your looking for immediate access to over 50 of the "World's Most Famous and Successful Business Minds" on the planet including Brian Tracy, Dennis Waitley and Les Brown! Then just click here: Success University 

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February 19, 2007

Secrets to Motivating Others arounds you.

When one thinks of ways of motivating others the first image that comes to mind is that of a coach gathering his team members together before a big game and giving them a pep talk and getting them all revved up to go out on the field to play their very best.

While this initial form of encouragement may work at the onset, usually halfway through the game it has worn off.

It is therefore more important to find more permanent ways of motivating others.

While it is strongly believed that individuals cannot be made to act in one manner or another, it is possible on the other hand to create a favourable environment that will encourage people to act in a certain way and also will help to foster a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment for their achievements.

People become motivated when others defer to them for advice.

Many individuals make the mistake of assuming that it is demeaning to them in one way or another to ask for advice of another, especially from someone who is lower then them at work. This is not the case.

When you ask advice of a person who is more knowledgeable in a given area than you are, you instil motivation in them because they realize that they must be viewed as competent or otherwise no one would ask them for their thoughts, ideas or suggestions.

This helps employees to feel that they are a worthwhile part of the greater whole of their workplace. When it comes to employees be aware that "people support a plan or a program which they have helped to develop."

Always seek to keep other people "in the loop" about what is going on whether it be family meetings or staff meetings at the office.

At work make sure the meetings are relevant to those who attend and make sure they are full of useful information.

Workers feel more confident and are more motivated to do their best work when they are kept informed about the happenings around the office.

As well people are pleased when superiors communicate vital workplace information to them.

Make sure you share the end goals with your employees as well because no matter how choked full of information a meeting is, if it does not include the hoped for goals or results employees will quickly become bored, restless, confused and frustrated and will probably be looking for an excuse to get out of the meeting and return to work!

This is also the case with family meetings. Once children are old enough to understand, include them in the meetings as this will make them feel a part of things and will give them a sense of pride.

Being praised for work well done is one of the greatest motivators for anyone.

This can be done most easily in the workplace but it can also be done in the home, such as when you praise someone for a delicious meal or praise how he or she painted a room or redecorated a wing of the house or when you praise someone's flower or vegetable garden.

Praise makes a person feel recognized and it also adds a sense of meaningfulness to just about any project, task, assignment or chore.

All praise is relevant and appreciated but sometimes zeroing in on a particular aspect of a job and praising someone for that is so important.

This is especially the case when a person has been working towards a goal for a very long time and needs all the encouragement and motivation he or she can get.

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February 13, 2007

Secret to a Millionares Mind

"Rich people choose to get paid based on results
 Poor people choose to get paid based on time"

 – T. Harv Eker

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February 12, 2007

Just what exactly is Motivation?

What exactly is motivation? Everyone does not always define motivation the exact same way.

Some people describe motivation as a mental force that drives a person to accomplish an end such as finishing a project or saving for retirement.

Some people say that motivation is why some individuals do one thing and others do something all together different. Motivation is often discussed in terms of setting and achieving goals and also what determines the behaviour of a human being.

Motivation is sometimes defined in terms of feelings that push a person to achieve a given objective.

Often motivation is believed to be the reason that a person chooses to do anything in particular, whether it be applying for a specific job or taking a chance by asking someone out on a date.

In the realm of psychology, motivation is closely connected to behaviour in terms of the initiation as well as direction, intensity and persistence of it.

Motivation has to do with having the interest in doing something and then having the willingness and ability to see it through to completion.

Motivation however is not the same as emotion or personality. Motivation is instead a dynamic and temporal state of mind.

A person who is motivated can be motivated to accomplish a long-term goal or a short-term goal and both have value.

Sometimes a motivated individual will break a long-term goal down into a series of smaller short-term goals in order to make the end result easier to reach for and attain.

The motivation to work towards any given goal can change and often times circumstances make it necessary for a person to modify their level of motivation.

An individual's personality on the other hand is basically a permanent part of the characteristics of the person that does not change.

Aspects of a person's personality include such things as whether the person is introverted or extroverted, modest, conscientious, shy, loud and so on.

Emotions are temporary states that a person finds themselves in in order to cope with immediate circumstances, such as feeling sad, happy, frustrated, confused, anger and being in a state of grief.

Emotion does not automatically correlate with behaviour whereas motivation does.

Motivation is often broken down into two categories, that of intrinsic motivation and extrinsic motivation.

Intrinsic motivation occurs when the desire to do something comes from within a person and there is no obvious external incentive for it to take place.

Engaging in a hobby for pure enjoyment such as painting, making toy models, stamp collecting, scrap booking etc. are examples of intrinsic motivation. A great deal of research studies have been conducted on intrinsic motivation since the 1970s.

Extrinsic motivation is when there is an external factor present that serves as an incentive for behaviour.

This is commonly viewed in workplaces where employees are motivated by their superiors by being offered tangible rewards such as extra money or a promotion.

There are also intangible rewards which are things such as being praised for a job well done or receiving public acknowledgement for your efforts. Many people respond well to both tangible as well as intangible extrinsic motivation.

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February 8, 2007

Tony Robbins motivates you in 20 minutes

Tony Robbins talks about how to unlock your true potential, mind-expanding, and motivating for high achievers and those who wish to be.

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February 6, 2007

Successful People – Vince Lombardi

"The difference between a successful person and others is not a
lack of strength, not a lack of knowledge, but rather in a lack of will."

Vince Lombardi

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February 3, 2007

A Look at Intrinsic Motivation

Intrinsic motivation is when an individual is motivated by internal factors, as opposed to external factors.

Examples of intrinsic motivation would be doing something because you feel it is the moral and ethical thing to do; doing something because you know it will benefit others or doing something because it brings you pleasure and joy.

The latter is common in regards to an enjoyable pastime or a hobby.

It is believed that intrinsic motivation is far stronger than extrinsic motivation however there are times when extrinsic motivation can become stronger because it displaces intrinsic motivation.

This is known as the overjustification effect. For example this occurs when you begin doing something for intrinsic reasons and then are offered monies or another type of reward for doing it that overrides the reason you started doing it in the first place.

In many cases when this happens, a person loses interest in the activity once the reward is taken away. The key is to not offer large extrinsic rewards for something that is meant to be motivated intrinsically (in other words, from within).

Intrinsic motivation has been widely studied by researchers in the realm of education since the start of the 1970s and their findings have been that when students are intrinsically motivated to do well in school, they tend to perform better, make higher marks and they also tend to enjoy the material they are learning a great deal more.

A man named Bernard Weiner created a theory known as the "Attribution Theory" and he looked at such things as the orientation of goals and the locus of control (internal and external).

As an aside, an internal locus of control is when a person believes that they have control over what happens to them whereas an external locus of control means that a person believes that control is outside of themselves and has more to do with extraneous factors as opposed to their own actions.

According to Bernard Weiner, students are much more likely to possess intrinsic motivation in their studies if they feel that their educational achievements have more to do with their own efforts as opposed to anything else.

As well students will experience intrinsic motivation if they feel that they play a paramount role in attaining their own personal educational goals as opposed to feeling as those it has more to do with luck or simply a "roll of the dice." Finally when students have motivation that comes from within they will work harder to completely understand and master a given subject as opposed to simply learning the work at hand so they can pass a test or exam and then forgetting it afterwards.

Keep in mind that intrinsic motivation holds no promise of rewards for students as opposed to extrinsic motivation, which is all about rewards.

Many decades of research has given rise to a theory known as "Goal Theory" which has shown that intrinsic motivation in some communities and groups is altruistic in nature as the desire to help others and contribute to the greater whole is the number one motivator.

When a person appeals to the common good or does something based on a moral obligation or commitment to others this is when intrinsic motivation is shown to be alive and well in the world.

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